Red Wing Shoes


Red Wing Shoes works every day to make the best safety footwear for the modern craftsman. See some of the technologies we've created to offer better protection and comfort.

Forceshield™ Impact Resistance Technology
See a demonstration of Forceshield™ in action - impact protection that meets industry standards while remaining soft and flexible. See all Red Wing shoes with Forceshield™ technology.

Injex™ Polyurethane Boots
100% waterproof boots that utilize an injected polyurethane material that is up to the task. Whether you're standing ankle deep in corrosive fluids, hazardous chemicals or plain old water, these boots stand the test of time. See Red Wing shoes with Injex™ technology.

King Toe Technology
King Toe lets your feet stretch out and work. With 44% more toe room than our standard steel toe work boots, it's like a spacious garage for your feet. See all Red Wing shoes with King Toe technology.

BOA Closure System
BOA technology is a lace-up system without the laces that creates a precise and snug fit. Red Wing Shoes uses this strong lace-up system to benefit working people who need quick lacing that does not compromise on fit. See all Red Wing shoes with BOA technology.

Red Wing Waterproofing Technology
A demonstration of the three-layer Red Wing Waterproof system, including tests that illustrate breathability. See all footwear with Red Wing Waterproofing.

FlexForce Outsole Technology
Learn about the high quality, flexible-yet-supportive outsole available from Red Wing Shoes. See all footwear with FlexForce technology.

Genuine Red Wing Leather
Learn about what goes in to making the highest quality leather used in Red Wing Shoes.

DynaForce® Insole Technology
Insole comfort technology from Red Wing Shoes. See all Red Wing shoes with DynaForce® technology.

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